24 September 2010

An Excuse Letter

So lately I’ve been finding myself with so much to blog about and very little time to actually sit down and start typing. I’ve been meaning to finally finish my posts on Bali and there’s still so much I’ve been wanting to write about from our last trip to Boracay last month. A couple of weeks ago, my family and I spent a couple of super relaxing, restful days in Tagaytay and that one’s something I need to share and write about as well. Divine spa experiences, incredible culinary finds, and just lots and lots of stories left to tell!

This week, I’ve been a busy girl on a personal journey. And as hard as I tried to document everything that happened, whether in photos or in my journal, it was very easy to lose myself in all the amazing, blissful moments that’s been happening to me this past week that it was very hard to think about anything else.

Exactly a week ago, I found myself in Bahay Kalipay in Puerto Princesa, Palawan on an Inner Dance, Yoga and Raw Food Retreat. Something I signed up for just to get away for a couple of days… just to have a few days of peace and calm, away from everything else… and boy, did I get so much more than I had bargained for! That weekend was just chocful of incredible surreal experiences… yoga on an empty stretch of beach… morning pranayama on a mountaintop… finding my Inner Dance… and what to me was most life-changing: discovering how delicious and good-for-me raw food can be! I had learned so much during those few days in Bahay Kalipay, it will be extremely difficult for me to even start writing about it, so I won’t for now. Let me just say that it really was one of the best weekends I’ve ever had in this lifetime and one of these days, I will collect enough of my thoughts to actually be able to write about it.

Let me just say though that being on a raw food diet (with no chocolates! And no coffee!) for three days wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. The raw dishes our beautiful host, Daniw, served us were so yummy, it was easy to forget their fried & cooked counterparts! The raw food at Bahay Kalipay was so amazing, it deserves its own post so I’ll try not to gush over it too much on this one!

Post-retreat, after the initial cravings were satiated (we went on a seafood feast and binged on cheesecakes & coffee the first night after the retreat!), I actually found myself actually craving for raw food! I get so much energy from it and it makes me feel so great that I’ve decided to go atleast 40-60% raw for now. I mean, I have to be realistic. God knows I can’t live without my daily coffee fix and my desserts! Plus, I’m slowly finding out that preparing raw meals is actually a pretty daunting task. I had always though raw food would be so much easier to prepare but a lot of planning and prepping goes into it, too. I’m happy and proud to say though that for the past few days, I’ve managed to make myself atleast two raw meals a day (usually for breakfast and dinner) and have been downing green smoothies like water! And I feel fantastic!

super yummy raw banana pancakes!

Being in Bahay Kalipay for a weekend also taught me a lot about the things that I can do without in my life. So now I really try to live by everything that I learned during that weekend and I feel posts on green living tips, raw food & green smoothie recipes are coming your way.

So dear blog, I apologize. I have been MIA again but give me a bit more time and I will be back with so much more stories to tell, recipes to share and just little life lessons along the way. See you later!


Love, light & pixie dust,

Earthbound Faerie

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